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The United States is a hierarchical country where the weak ones are at the bottom and the powerful ones are at the top. Garment workers are at the bottom of the list although they are the most important. Without them there would be no fashion industry. They sew and cut the garments that people buy, the raiment that models wear on the runways. After the garments are sewn, factory owners send the garments to contractors to get make the clothing. Contractors make sure the garment workers sew the garments properly. Once the garments are done, factory owners send the clothing to brands so they.
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It s not only a handy way to tell the time but it can also be a fashion statement. Ladies own watches for every occasion. If we are out for a day of best shopping deals, we might wear a lovely designer watch. Some women have an innate sense of style and can easily choose the perfect wrist watch to go with an item in their wardrobe. 
But Hunter Orr, director of research Alpha Street Research, says he remains wary. "They have had to do a lot of cost cutting   decreasing their margins to compete with Wal Mart (Fortune 500)," he said. Kearney, a management consulting firm. But "sooner rather than later this tactic will run out," she said. "You have to come up with new strategies to keep up that level of excitement."
Research on different brands. If you really want Uggs looking shoes without the same quality and with a different brand, then you have to do your homework. Bearpaw is a brand that creates similar looking boots made with a high quality. You can also look for different brands that look just like Uggs. Chances are these will not have the same quality, but these look almost identical to real Uggs boots.